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Posted: 13 June 2018

This is in response to the article entitled. Violent Behavior: A Solution In Plain Sight which may be found at:

This is one of the finest articles I have read on nutrition and also violent behavior, going into aspartame. The only thing the author didn't have was Dr. H. J. Roberts medical text, "Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic" which goes into the psychiatric problems and crime triggered by aspartame. Also, here is the Report for Schools: In the article be sure to read about school lunches and aspartame. Also important are the remarks about low cholesterol and violence. Here is the best article I've read on the benefits of high cholesterol. The Benefits of High Cholesterol When I worked with physicians years ago the normal on cholesterol was 250, and earlier above that. Then Big Pharma wanted to sell statins and all of a sudden "normal" went down. An article in JAMA many years ago said they made a mistake. When cholesterol is too low it can cause all kinds problems.

Dr. Ralph Walton, psychiatrist, did a study on aspartame and didn't even use the maximum allowable dose. One group were people who were already compromised with depression or mood disorders, and others had no problem. Knowing aspartame is a psycho drug he wanted to see what would happen if people who already were depressed or had some problem used aspartame. The administrator of the institution took part and suffered a retinal detachment and lost his vision in one eye. Another subject had conjunctival bleeding. Subjects in the compromised group said they were being poisoned. The institution stopped the study. Monsanto who said they would provide aspartame for studies refused Dr. Walton because they knew what would happen. Here is Dr. Walton's research on aspartame and funding. Here is his study on mood disorders and aspartame: Here is his report on psychiatric problems and aspartame:

Aspartame and Crime:

In Dr. H. J. Roberts medical text, "Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic", on page 307 it discusses abnormal behavior. First of all, aspartame triggers bipolar, panic attacks, suicidal tendencies, paranoia and hallucinations for starters. It interacts with all antidepressants. Dr. Roberts says on page 308: "The dramatic increase of highway violence (Section 6) (The Wall Street Journal, August 3, 1987, p.1) has coincided with heightened aspartame consumption. Previously responsible persons engaged in fights, shootings and other mayhem after some minor stimulus - e.g., the flashing of high beams by an oncoming car, or failure of a driver to yield."

"Aspartame disease may contribute to "road rage". The American Automobile Association reported a 51% percent increase of overtly hostile manner by motorists since 1990 (The New York Times September 20, 1997)."

He also said: "The recent emphasis upon unexplained "air rage" among passengers in planes is relevant, especially by persons chewing aspartame gum (Chapter II-E). Their bizarre and unexpected behavior after being served diet drinks has raised the possibility of an aspartame reaction., These individuals tended to have an "anxious look"" and "glassy" eyes, but no memory of such behavior thereafter."

When I think of aspartame and crime I immediately remember Andrea Yates who was in the news after she drowned her 5 children. She was on Haldol, a psychiatric drug, and drank Diet Coke. I asked Dr. Walton about it since he is a psychiatrist and he said, "it was a double whammy". If aspartame had never been approved through the political chicanery of Don Rumsfeld, would those 5 children still be alive today?

Dr. Roberts says on page 309: "The dramatic increase of criminal activities by children below the age of ten in recent years - ranging from armed robbery to sadistic murder - has alarmed police, judges and criminologists (The Miami Herald December 29, 1986, p. A-16). Others have stressed the need to rethink the roots of violent behavior. While many socioeconomic factors influence adolescent violence, the possible contributory role of aspartame-induced aberrant behavior has hardly been addressed."

Dr. Roberts gives several cases in his medical text, and I've taken victim cases for years. I've heard the aspartame experts say the mental hospitals are full of patients that are simply aspartame victims. They are given psychiatric drugs that can interact and continue their diet soda habit.

This report goes into so much knowledge that most don't know everyone should print it out and keep it for reference.

There is a safe sweetener which is the only one that should be used in schools called "Just Like Sugar", It is made from organic food, organic chicory which has been used for 70 years to improve the health of diabetics and organic orange peel. There is also some calcium.

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