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30 Dec 2010 - Don't Take The Flu Shot ~ Boise, Idaho 2010 [YouTube video]

29 Dec 2010 - The Lethal Medical Failure That's Still Recommended By Your Doctor [Has an embedded video on the web page]

28 Dec 2010 - Patients Injected With Flu Vaccine Even If They Don't Want It

27 Dec 2010 - Vaccines Side Effects - H1N1 Flu Vaccine

27 Dec 2010 - Swine Flu Pandemic Outbreak Sweeping Through Britain Even Though 70 Percent Were Vaccinated Last Year

22 Dec 2010 - Rapidly Increasing Criminal And Civil Penalties Against The Pharmaceutical Industry: 1991 To 2010

22 Dec 2010 - Public Citizen Study: Pharmaceutical Industry Is Biggest Defrauder Of The Federal Government Under The False Claims Act

22 Dec 2010 - H1N1-Vaccine-Related Miscarriages

22 Dec 2010 - Shocking H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine Miscarriage Stories From Pregnant Women - Tell Your Doctors That Vaccines And Pregnancy Do Not Mix!

22 Dec 2010 - H1N1 Vaccine Linked To 700 Percent Increase In Miscarriages

22 Dec 2010 - Flu Vaccine Warning For Pregnant Women [The flu vaccine for adults still has mercury, as do most flu vaccines for children]

14 Dec 2010 - In Flu Shot Propaganda Push, Government Starts Offering To Pay For The Jabs

13 Dec 2010 - WikiLeaks Cables: Pfizer 'Used Dirty Tricks To Avoid Clinical Trial Payout' : Cables Say Drug Giant Hired Investigators To Find Evidence Of Corruption On Nigerian Attorney General To Persuade Him To Drop Legal Action

13 Dec 2010 - Gardasil Down, But Not Out

13 Dec 2010 - Nine Month Old Twins Die Just Minutes After Measles Vaccination

10 Dec 2010 - Death Threats And Suppression Of Vaccine Truth In Australia [Has an embedded video on the web page]

10 Dec 2010 - New Health-Care Law Expands Insurance Coverage For Adult Immunizations [The new health law makes it clear that adult immunizations are a priority. Starting this fall, new health plans are required to cover, without cost sharing, all vaccines recommended by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. (This is a group of 15 experts that evaluates vaccines and makes recommendations for their use.)]

10 Dec 2010 - Mother Wins Cash Payout For Damage Her Son Suffered From MMR Vaccine Jab

08 Dec 2010 - H1N1 Vaccine Linked To 700 Percent Increase In Miscarriages

07 Dec 2010 - Are Vaccines A Gift From God? [The simple answer is, "NO!"]

07 Dec 2010 - CANADA: Judge Refuses To Order Vaccinations

07 Dec 2010 - FINLAND: 37 Narcolepsy Cases In Finnish Children Developed After Swine Flu Vaccinations/ YLE

01 Dec 2010 - New nonsense Over Flu Drug: Flawed Study Backs Tamiflu

01 Dec 2010 - Tetanus - The Disease And The Vaccine

01 Dec 2010 - Phone-y Flu Diagnosis Leads To Death

01 Dec 2010 - Canadian Vaccine Company Receives $21 Million Grant From U.S. Government

29 Nov 2010 - AMC Flip Flops On Mercury-Free Vaccines? [Safeminds was going to run a pre-movie public service announcement at a few AMC theaters during Thanksgiving week, informing people of their option to get mercury-free flu shots. After some pro-vaccine zealots complained to AMC, they pulled the PSA. Now it's time for AMC to know they are going to lose our business instead. JUST SAY "NO" TO VACCINES!]

24 Nov 2010 - UK To Boost Vaccination Rates By Pumping Babies With Six Vaccines At Once

23 Nov 2010 - ENGLAND: Toddlers Will Have Jabs For SIX Diseases At Once [More poison all at the same time!]

23 Nov 2010 - AUSTRALIA: The Fallout From A Batch Of Flu Vaccine [What's more important - the vaccine or the child?]

22 Nov 2010 - Dollars For Docs: Who's On Pharma's Top-Paid List?

22 Nov 2010 - A Look At The Late-Stage Vaccine Pipeline [It's all about the money!]

22 Nov 2010 - Blockbuster Vaccines Of The Future [Are you running scared yet? Even more poison to inject you with!]

17 Nov 2010 - RVF Vaccine Causes Liver Disease, Death

15 Nov 2010 - Excipients Included In U.S. Vaccines, By Vaccine (March 2010) [This is on the CDC official website. It also includes vaccine ingredients]

15 Nov 2010 - Aluminum In Vaccines Increases Thimerosal's Toxicity

15 Nov 2010 - Aluminum In Vaccination-Associated Cognitive Decline, Motor Neuron Disease, Autism

15 Nov 2010 - Educated Families Increasingly Refusing Vaccinations

12 Nov 2010 - ISRAEL: Child Welfare To Be Reduced To NON-Vaccinating Families

12 Nov 2010 - WHO Wants A Vaccine?

11 Nov 2010 - New Book: Virus Mania [EXCELLENT new book on the lies about Viruses and all the diseases blamed on viruses] [You can order this book at at]

08 Nov 2010 - Behold The Four Horsemen Of The Looming Food Apocalypse (Opinion)

05 Nov 2010 - Vaccination Rates Fall Among Better Educated Families Even While CDC Keeps Pushing Vaccine Quackery

05 Nov 2010 - Don't Give This To Your Daughter - Despite What Your Doctor Says

04 Nov 2010 - Blood On Their Hands: The World's Slickest Con Job And A Stack Of Deadly LIES

03 Nov 2010 New Numbers Reveal More Gardasil Deaths

03 Nov 2010 - Refuse This Routine Procedure - Or Expose Your Baby's Brain To Severe Danger: The Dangers Of Hepatitis B Vaccines In Infants [Has an embedded video on the web page]

02 Nov 2010 - Bye-Bye Babies

02 Nov 2010 - Why A Shingles Epidemic Is Bolting Straight At The U.S.

01 Nov 2010 - New Proof That This Common Medical Treatment Is Unnecessary And Ineffective

01 Nov 2010 - More People Skipping Flu Shot This Year [GOOD!]

29 Oct 2010 - Flu Shot Mandate Brings Lawsuit

29 Oct 2010 - The Goal Of Every H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine: Immunotoxicity, Neurotoxicity And Sterility

29 Oct 2010 - "Miracle Nutrient" That Cured Man On The Brink Of Death

28 Oct 2010 - Thimerosal, Autism's Daddy

28 Oct 2010 - Ugly Story Proves The Media Is Lying To You About Vaccines

25 Oct 2010 - Quadruple-Dose Seasonal Flu "Super" Vaccine Now Being Aggressively Pushed Onto Senior Citizens [This is insane! The shots don't do what they claim they do. This is just another scam to push even more of their poisons in one injection!]

25 Oct 2010 - Seasonal Flu Death Estimates Grossly Overestimated

19 Oct 2010 - Drugs And Vaccines Are In Trouble

19 Oct 2010 - More Insanity: Flu Shot "May Prevent Heart Attack"

18 Oct 2010 - FDA Sees Possible Risk Of Fatal Bowel Problem With GSK Vaccine

15 Oct 2010 - What Is In The Flu Vaccine That Can Cause Infertility?

13 Oct 2010 - Australia: Flu Vaccination Ban Goes National After Fever, Convulsions In Children

13 Oct 2010 - Landmark Case Could Allow Injured Persons To Once Again Sue Vaccine Makers

13 Oct 2010 - Honeybee Researcher Who Blames Virus For CCD Has Financial Ties To Pesticide Manufacturer [Creating more lies and using scare tactics to push their poisons upon everyone!]

13 Oct 2010 - Twins Die Minutes After Measles Vaccination

11 Oct 2010 - Coincidental Miscarriage An Issue; CDC Advisory Panel: Flu Vaccine In First Trimester Is OK [it has never been tested, but they say it is just fine]

11 Oct 2010 - Vaccinations: Much To Do About Nothing?

11 Oct 2010 - Chief Justice John Roberts Cashes In Pfizer Stocks To Participate In Landmark Vaccine Case

08 Oct 2010 - Honeybee Colony Collapse Disorder Caused By Virus? Get Ready For Honeybee Vaccines [This is pure lunacy!]

07 Oct 2010 - Warning To Parents: Vaccination Increases The Risk Of Contracting Diseases

06 Oct 2010 - Shameless Flu Shot Pushers Use Strip Clubs To Entice People Into Medically Useless Vaccinations

04 Oct 2010 - Most Canadians, Americans Skipped H1N1 Vaccine Last Year

01 Oct 2010 - Bill Gates Says Vaccines Can Help Reduce World Population [His ideas are pure lunacy!]

30 Sep 2010 - Government Funding Drug Companies To Make Vaccines Quicker

24 Sep 2010 - Have You Noticed Mainstream Health News Getting Crazier Lately?

21 Sep 2010 - Hidden Government Papers Expose Lies About Measles Vaccines For Infants

21 Sep 2010 - H1N1 Swine Flu Even Milder Than Seasonal Strains

20 Sep 2010 - CDC Allegedly Falsifies Reports--Ignoring Up To 3,587 Miscarriages From H1N1 Vaccine

20 Sep 2010 - What Most Doctors Won't Tell You About Colds And Flus

20 Sep 2010 - Delhi High Court Slams Centre For Introducing Irrational Vaccines

17 Sep 2010 - Navy To Test Its Ability To Vaccinate Masses In A Pandemic [Here it comes - ramping up coerced vaccinations!]

16 Sep 2010 - Vitamin D Proven Far Better Than Vaccines At Preventing Influenza Infections

14 Sep 2010 - Millions Of Chinese Oppose Mass Vaccination Plan

10 Sep 2010 - Polio: The Virus And The Vaccine - Part 1

10 Sep 2010 - Polio: The Virus And The Vaccine - Part 2

10 Sep 2010 - Healthcare Workers To Be Fired If They Refuse Flu Shots, Medical Group Demands (Opinion)

10 Sep 2010 - If You Love Your Kids, Please Do Not Make This Mistake

09 Sep 2010 - Report Of A Vaccine Side Effect, Vaccine Reaction Or A Vaccine Damage

09 Sep 2010 - Reported Side Effects Of Vaccination

08 Sep 2010 - HIV Tests A Farce? False HIV Positives Produced By Western Blot Tests

07 Sep 2010 - MMR Vaccine Isn't Safe After All, UK Government Forced To Concede

07 Sep 2010 - CDC Backs Away From Decades-Old Flu Death Estimate [They NEVER know what the actual numbers are since they always just estimate and include deaths from other sources that are not even related to the flu!]

07 Sep 2010 - Swine Flu Review: The Case For Reforming U.S. Emergency Health Laws

07 Sep 2010 - Finding Zacharias - Newborn Hep B Shot Story [A powerful, moving story about the damage wrought on a newborn from the Hep B shot and the now young man's exploration for answers and accountability]

07 Sep 2010 - Man Disabled By MMR Vaccine Awarded 90,000 After 13-Year Fight

07 Sep 2010 - GreenVax Selects Xcellerex XDR Single-Use Bioreactors For New Vaccine And Biotherapeutics Program [Now they are greening their vaccines. Do they think this will make them safe?]

07 Sep 2010 - Why Doesn't The U.S. Ban A Vaccine That's Killing Children Overseas?

07 Sep 2010 - US Government To Spend Billions To Help Big Pharma Produce Flu Vaccines Faster

01 Sep 2010 - Latest Report On Flu Fatalities: A Shocking Fabrication

31 Aug 2010 - Vaccine Deaths And Injuries Skyrocket As Cover-Up Implodes

30 Aug 2010 - Vaccine Zombie Hip Hop Song Questions Safety Of Flu Season Vaccinations

30 Aug 2010 - Vaccine Zombie Song And Video Warns Of Vaccination Dangers

30 Aug 2010 - Finland Suspends H1N1 Vaccines After Children Suffer Narcolepsy From Vaccinations

27 Aug 2010 - Australia Bans Flu Vaccines In Children After Vomiting, Fevers, Seizures

26 Aug 2010 - Let The Flu Games Begin!

26 Aug 2010 - Vaccines, Autism And Murder #331 [YouTube video]

26 Aug 2010 - Truth About Gardasil Website Documents Young Girls Who Died From HPV Vaccine

24 Aug 2010 - Why Dr. Snyderman's Whooping Cough Vaccine Rant Is A Total SHAM [Has an embedded video on the web page]

24 Aug 2010 - Media Now Promoting Brain Eating Vaccines

24 Aug 2010 - Flu Plan Scandal Ahead - An Urgent Warning [Has an embedded video on the web page]

23 Aug 2010 - Vaccination Against HPV Is Dangerous And Unnecessary

23 Aug 2010 - GlaxoSmithKline Uses Irish Children As Guinea Pigs In Vaccine Trials Scandal

23 Aug 2010 - HHS: U.S. Needs $200M Biodefense Fund [More money to push more poison!]

20 Aug 2010 - Sweedish Minister Of Health And Social Services Calls For Thorough Examination Of Possible Link Between H1N1 And Narcolepsy

20 Aug 2010 - The MPA Investigates Reports Of Narcolepsy In Patients Vaccinated With Pandemrix

20 Aug 2010 - Accused Del. Doctor May Have Given Bad Vaccines

20 Aug 2010 - U.S. Bans CSL Influenza Vaccine

20 Aug 2010 - DTaP-Tdap Mix-Ups Now Affecting Hundreds Of Patients [Totally clueless! If they can't even get this right, what else and its kind of like DT and tD and the list goes on and maybe TB is somewhat similar What about hepatitis A or hepatitis B - those are kind of a like too. And measles and muesli............kind of alike too]

19 Aug 2010 - Walgreens Announces Flu Shot Gift Card; Give The "Gift" Of A Vaccine (Opinion) [More craziness to push this poison!]

19 Aug 2010 - Vaccines Destroy The Lives Of Children In China

11 Aug 2010 - WHO List Reveals Flu Advisors With Financial Ties To Pharma, Vaccine Manufacturers

09 Aug 2010 - Vaccines Beneath The Surface: Part 2

09 Aug 2010 - How You're Being CONNED Into Funding Vaccines For The Poor

03 Aug 2010 - Lost In Bureaucratic Space: Freedom Of Information [THIS IS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. The CDC should be shut down for its complete waste of taxpayer money]

02 Aug 2010 - Vaccines Beneath The Surface: Part 1

02 Aug 2010 - Flu Vaccine Push Already Underway; First Batch Causes Seizures In Children

29 July 2010 - American Citizens As Guinea Pigs: Part 2

26 July 2010 - Combination MMRV Vaccine Increases Risk Of Febrile Seizures

20 July 2010 - HIV Vaccines Cause 50 Percent False Positive Rate In HIV Tests

20 July 2010 - Does Gardasil Actually Increase Your Risk Of Cervical Cancer?

16 July 2010 - Whooping Cough Kills 5 In California -- State Declares An Epidemic

12 July 2010 - Why Is Drug Company with 50 Years Of Proven Safety Violations Using Taxpayer Money To Make Next Gen Flu Vaccine?

07 July 2010 - Warning, Gardasil May Cause Increased Risk Of Cervical Cancer

07 July 2010 - Millions Of Vaccine Doses To Be Burned [So what happens when you burn mercury laden substances? - The mercury goes into the air you breathe]

06 July 2010 - This Single Cell Plant Actually Expels Mercury From Your Body

06 July 2010 - Canada Virtually Eliminates Flu Deaths While U.S. Has Thousands

02 July 2010 - Seventy Million Expired Flu Vaccines About To Be Incinerated As Waste

02 July 2010 - Flu Vaccines, Pharma Fraud, Quack Science, The CDC And WHO -- All Exposed By Richard Gale And Gary Null

01 July 2010 - Vaccination Causes Autism - Say US Government & Merck's Director Of Vaccines [Has an embedded video on the web page]

28 June 2010 - The Marvellous Health Of Unvaccinated Children

28 June 2010 - Notification Of A Vaccine Reaction Or A Vaccine Damage [This is a new site for Europe to log vaccine reactions / damage]

24 June 2010 - WHO To Tax Your Internet Usage To Fund Vaccines In Third-World Countries

24 June 2010 - HPV Vaccine Blinds 16-Year-Old Girl

24 June 2010 - The FORBIDDEN Truth About WHO's 2009 'Pandemic'

18 June 2010 - UK "Faked" National Autism Data To Declare MMR Vaccine "Safe"

18 June 2010 - Vaccines Have Destroyed Lives For Decades And The UK Government Tried To Cover It Up

14 June 2010 - Tamiflu Drug Causes Nightmares In One In Five Children

11 June 2010 - Vaccine's Special Ingredient Linked To Autism

09 June 2010 - The Vaccine Firestorm

08 June 2010 - Should Pregnant Women Avoid All Vaccines?

07 June 2010 - WHO Scandal Exposed: Advisors Received Kickbacks From H1N1 Vaccine Manufacturers

03 June 2010 - Australia: CSL Withdraws Child Flu Vaccine

03 June 2010 - The Lies The Government Tell When It Comes To Vaccines

03 June 2010 - Tobacco Plants Will Now Make Vaccines

02 June 2010 - U.K. Government Now Pushing Shingles Vaccine For Elderly

01 June 2010 - The "Vaccine Shock" Of The Year [Has an embedded video on the web page]

27 May 2010 - Part 1: How Did Gardasil Pass FDA Review?

27 May 2010 - Part 2: How Did Gardasil Pass FDA Review?

27 May 2010 - Part 3: How Did Gardasil Pass FDA Review?

26 May 2010 - Doctor Beats Swine Flu With Vitamin D And Elderberries

24 May 2010 - Callous Disregard: Autism And Vaccines: The Truth Behind A Tragedy [Book by Andrew J. Wakefield]

24 May 2010 - Britain Bans Doctor Who Linked Autism To Vaccine [They are trying to silence him for presenting the truth about how dangerous and deadly these vaccines really are!]

24 May 2010 - Hidden Government Papers On The Measles Vaccine Exposed

24 May 2010 - Treating Group B Strep: Are Antibiotics Necessary?

20 May 2010 - Pig Virus Contaminates Rotavirus Vaccines, But FDA Says No Problem

19 May 2010 - A License To Kill? Part 1: How A Public-Private Partnership Made The Government Merck's Gardasil Partner

19 May 2010 - A License To Kill? Part 2: Who Guards Gardasil's Guardians?

19 May 2010 - A License To Kill? Part 3: After Gardasil's Launch, More Victims, More Bad Safety Analysis And A Revolving Door Culture

17 May 2010 - Amazingly, This Country Actually Bans The Flu Vaccine [GOOD! More countries need to follow their example and BAN this POISON!]

13 May 2010 - Mom Blames Teen's Illness On HPV Vaccine: 17,000 Patients Sickened By Gardasil, CDC Data Shows [Has an embedded video on the web page]

13 May 2010 - Influenza Vaccine Sends Children Into Convulsions

11 May 2010 - Doctors Found Guilty Of Getting Rich Vaccinating Our Children

11 May 2010 - Australia: Parents Criticize Government For Not Acting Sooner

11 May 2010 - Vaccine May Trigger Early Start Of Infant Epilepsy

11 May 2010 - False Accusations Of Munchausen By Proxy, The Truth Behind The Label

10 May 2010 - Dr. Horowitz On Killing Vs. Loving Children [YouTube video]

10 May 2010 - Pseudo-Science In Vaccine Safety Risk/Benefit Benefit Studies [YouTube video]

07 May 2010 - Vaccine Paradox

07 May 2010 - Herbal Treatment For Human Papillomavirus (HPV): HPV Is A Generally Benign Condition For Which There Is A Common Sense Herbal Treatment

07 May 2010 - HPV Vaccine Hoax Exposed: FDA Documents Reveal HPV 'Not Associated With Cervical Cancer'

07 May 2010 - Even When HPV Vaccines Are Free, 35% Refuse In British Columbia

07 May 2010 - Ashley's story - The HPV Vaccine [Has an embedded video on the web page]

04 May 2010 - Doctor Accuses PBS Frontline Of Selling Out On Vaccine Concern

04 May 2010 - Dr. Leonard Horowitz: Polio, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs And Vaccination Pan Genocide [YouTube video]

04 May 2010 - Student Vaccine Liberation Army [YouTube video]

03 May 2010 - Australia: Parents Recount Flu Jab Nightmare

03 May 2010 - Australia: Unnecessary Injection Of Risk: Vaccination

30 Apr 2010 - Teen Girls Bribed To Get Gardasil Vaccine With Shopping Vouchers

29 Apr 2010 - Toyota 52 Deaths, Gardasil 49. Toyota Recalled

27 Apr 2010 - Australia: Is The Queensland Health Minister And Queensland Chief Health Officer Lying Over When They Said They Knew About Toddler's Death Post Flu Vaccination?

26 Apr 2010 - Study Confirms Autism Boom - Correlates With Aborted Fetal DNA In Vaccines [Of course we can expect the FDA and CDC to try to discredit this report. That is their normal procedure for anything that contradicts their claims!]

26 Apr 2010 - Australia: Flu Vaccination Ban Goes National After Fever, Convulsions In Children

26 Apr 2010 - Australia: Flu jab Fears Grow As Toddlers Hospitalised

26 Apr 2010 - New Zealand: Fluvax flu Vaccine Warning After Child Convulsions

26 Apr 2010 - Australia: Toddler Ashley Jade Epapara, 2, Dies After Flu Vaccination

26 Apr 2010 - India: Vaccine Trial Under Probe

23 Apr 2010 - German Magazine Reveals Drug Companies' Influence To Engineer Swine Flu Fake Pandemic

22 Apr 2010 - New Mexico: Local Parent Files Lawsuit Against Makers Of Gardasil: Mother Warns Parents Against Vaccine Dangers

22 Apr 2010 - Study Confirms Link Between Autism And Use Of Cells From Abortions In Vaccines

21 Apr 2010 - The 10 Biggest Health Care Lies In America

20 Apr 2010 - A WARNING LETTER To School Principal And Nursing Staff To NOT VACCINATE!

19 Apr 2010 - British Medical Journal Publishes False Claims About MMR Doctor: Journalist Brian Deer's Allegations About Dr. Andrews Wakefield Fails To Disclose Press Complaint

19 Apr 2010 - Doctors Wrap Babies In Protective Vaccine "Cocoons"

19 Apr 2010 - The FDA Shuts Down Common Infant Vaccine After Startling Discovery [Has an embedded video on the web page]

19 Apr 2010 - Time For The Truth About Gardasil

15 Apr 2010 - Video Transcripts: Dr Andrew Wakefield - In His Own words

15 Apr 2010 - MMR Row Doctor Defends Work

15 Apr 2010 - Dr Andrew Wakefield - David Salisbury's Entreaties / Public Health Dictat [YouTube video]

12 Apr 2010 - Why Medical Authorities Went to Such Extremes To Silence Dr. Andrew Wakefield [Has an embedded video on the web page]

08 Apr 2010 - Seasonal Flu Vaccines Increase Risk Of Pandemic H1N1 Flu, Stunned Scientists Discover

08 Apr 2010 - More Proof Flu Shots Don't Work

06 Apr 2010 - Spiegel: 2009 Swine Flu Pandemic A Boost For Big Pharma

06 Apr 2010 - New Doubt Cast On True Cause Of Deaths In 1918-19 Flu Pandemic

05 Apr 2010 - AIDS Vaccines Stop Working After A Few Months, Shocked Researchers Discover

02 Apr 2010 - Millions Of H1N1 Vaccine Doses May Be Tossed: Less Than Half Of The Doses Have Been Administered

31 Mar 2010 - Monkeying With The Truth

31 Mar 2010 - Time For The Truth About Gardasil

29 Mar 2010 - Immunization Graphs: Natural Infectious Disease Declines; Immunization Effectiveness; And Immunization Dangers

29 Mar 2010 - Vaccine Ingredients Sorted By Ingredient

29 Mar 2010 - Vaccine Ingredients Sorted By Vaccine

29 Mar 2010 - France To Pay 16 Pct For Cancelled H1N1 Doses-Paper

29 Mar 2010 - Pharma Planning To Dump Experimental And Controversial Vaccines In Public Schools

27 Mar 2010 - The Dark Side Of The Routine Newborn Vitamin K Shot [Has an embedded video on the web page]

27 Mar 2010 - The Vaccines That Worry Parents Most

25 Mar 2010 - Vitamin D Deficiency Is Why You Get Flu!

23 Mar 2010 - FDA Suspends Glaxo Rotavirus Vaccine As Precaution

22 Mar 2010 - Gardasil Researcher Speaks Out: "Public Should Receive More Complete Warnings"

22 Mar 2010 - Can Vitamin D Prevent Flu And Asthma?

19 Mar 2010 - No More Fear

17 Mar 2010 - Sebelius Asks Media To Censor Autism Debate [Now they want to censor the news, a media blackout. Seems like they using this in an attempt to hide the information and facts that expose many of the problems caused by vaccinations]

17 Mar 2010 - HHS Preparing To Handle Claims Of Harm From H1N1 Vaccine

17 Mar 2010 - God, Greed And The Apostles. Bill Welsh On Fallacies Of The Lancet, GMC And MMR Reporting

15 Mar 2010 - Cervical Cancer Vaccine Documents Presented To FDA Show Evidence Of Harm

12 Mar 2010 - Well, Well, Well: Wakefield Questions

12 Mar 2010 - FDA Requests Meeting With Activists Exposing Gardasil Adverse Reactions

12 Mar 2010 - Baby In Britain Is Overdosed With BCG Vaccine And Is Now Being Treated For TB

Influenza Vaccination: Policy Versus Evidence

10 Mar 2010 - Channel 4 News Exposes Swine Flu Scandal [YouTube video]

08 Mar 2010 - Back To The Future: Parental Concerns About Vaccine Safety

08 Mar 2010 - Vaccine Failure -- Over 1000 Got Mumps In NY In Last Six Months

03 Mar 2010 - Market Watch - October 19, 2009 - Look Who's Profiting From The Flu Pandemic [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

03 Mar 2010 - Merck's Cervical Cancer Vaccine Ads Are Inaccurate And Misleading

02 Mar 2010 - The Flu Season That Fizzled: Cases of H1N1 Have Dwindled, Seasonal Flu Has Been A No-Show And Doctors Wonder Why [They'll try to give the credit to their vaccination programs, even though most people saw through what was going on and said NO to it! The real reason why it fizzled out is because it was a load of garbage to begin with!]

02 Mar 2010 - UK: Doctors Face Vaccine Check As Part Of Regular Medical MoT ["Doctors on the NHS front line who refuse vaccinations against common infections risk losing their right to practise under a new appraisal system"]

02 Mar 2010 - Vaccination Propaganda In California

25 Feb 2010 - Jim Carrey: The Judgment on Vaccines Is In???

25 Feb 2010 - FDA Approves Prevnar 13 Vaccine For Child Infections [Have we any doubt that large-N studies of vaccinated vs unvaccinated (re: Prevnar 13) will be insisted upon by the FDA, HHS, and ACIP? After all, what's more important, Pfizer revenues or vaccination safety?]

25 Feb 2010 - Young Kids Should Get New Prevnar, U.S. Experts Say [More poison being forced upon us!]

25 Feb 2010 - New Research: No Good Scientific Evidence Flu Shots Are Effective Or Safe For Elders

24 Feb 2010 - Disposing Of Unused Or Expired H1N1 Vaccine In Minnesota [This is injected into you or your child but handled as hazardous waste outside you]

23 Feb 2010 - Mercury: How To Get This Lethal Poison Out Of Your Body

23 Feb 2010 - UK: Government Scraps Swine Flu Vaccination Campaign For Under Fives

23 Feb 2010 - Novartis Receives FDA Approval Of Menveo, A Vaccine To Prevent Meningococcal Disease [Or so they claim it prevents it! Another Meningitis C vaccine for 11-55 year olds; seeking approval for 2 - 10 years of age]

22 Feb 2010 - What Is Killing American Babies?

22 Feb 2010 - Does The Vaccine Matter? [Some plusses & many negatives n this article

22 Feb 2010 - History Of School Vaccinations [The first 50ish pages of this paper are really good and balanced; the provaccine arguments at the end are a distraction (and refutable.)]

22 Feb 2010 - FDA: Conflict Of Interest In Vaccine Approval Confirmed

22 Feb 2010 - Are Mandatory Vaccinations Acts Of Violence Against Children?

22 Feb 2010 - What May Be The Single Biggest Threat To Your Health? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

22 Feb 2010 - Bill Gates To Waste $10 Billion On Vaccine Research?

19 Feb 2010 - 2010/11 Flu Vaccine Will Contain H1N1 [Mixing one poison with another!]

19 Feb 2010 - Wakefield Resigns US Clinic [He is NOT disgraced - they should be ashamed]

19 Feb 2010 - Almost Six Hundred Thousand Kids Have Adverse Events To Prescription Drugs Each Year [They can have reactions to drugs, but never a reaction to a that insane world]

18 Feb 2010 - Oh Brother, Gardiner Harris Has Pharma Ties

17 Feb 2010 - Sibling Transmission Of Vaccine-Derived Rotavirus (RotaTeq) Associated With Rotavirus Gastroenteritis

16 Feb 2010 - 45 Shops 'Bribe' For Cervical Cancer Jab For Teenage Girls

16 Feb 2010 - Drug Companies Shift Emphasis To Vaccines

15 Feb 2010 - Wakefield Inquisitioners Have Their Day

15 Feb 2010 - Vaccines And Autoimmune Diseases Of The Adult - And Aspartame

15 Feb 2010 - Is The Gardasil Vaccine An Experiment On Your Children?

15 Feb 2010 - Advisers On Vaccines Often Have Conflicts, Report Says

15 Feb 2010 - UK General Medical Council Told Docs "Commit Fraud For MMR Vaccine Bonuses"

12 Feb 2010 - No Parent Ever Complained To GMC: Public Statement From Lancet Families Supports The MMR3

11 Feb 2010 - British & Japanese Data Show Vaccines Cause Autism

11 Feb 2010 - Discredited Defamation: The Fallacious Case against Dr. Andrew Wakefield By Polly Tommey

11 Feb 2010 - On Second Looking Into The Case Of Dr. Andrew J. Wakefield By William Long, MDiv, PhD, JD

11 Feb 2010 - The Clinical Impact Of Adverse Event Reporting [Under-reporting of vaccine/drug injuries (UK & US)]

11 Feb 2010 - Little Known Facts About Poliomyelitis Vaccinations

11 Feb 2010 - Tribune's Trine Tsouderos Undermines OSR Antioxidant

11 Feb 2010 - Mumps Outbreak In NY, NJ Tops 1,500 Cases [Health officials said most had a mumps vaccination, but the shots are not completely effective. Obviously they are NOT completely effective. This just goes to show how ineffective they really are]

11 Feb 2010 - Mumps Outbreak Spreads Among People Who Got Vaccinated Against Mumps

10 Feb 2010 - Delayed Acquisition Of Neonatal Reflexes In Newborn Primates Receiving A Thimerosal-Containing Hepatitis B Vaccine: Influence Of Gestational Age And Birth Weight

10 Feb 2010 - H1N1 Virus Or Bio Weapon "The " Part 6 [This is a FANTASTIC chronology of US military biological experimentation on human subjects, since the inception of the concept, up until 1997] [Has an embedded video on the web page]

10 Feb 2010 - New 5-In-1 Vaccinations To Be Introduced: CDC [Even more poison in the same injection!]

09 Feb 2010 - Instances Of Miscarriages, Still Births, Premature Births, Etc., Reported After H1N1 Vaccine Inoculation(s)

09 Feb 2010 - Tylenol Linked To Increased Risk Of Autism

09 Feb 2010 - STOP! Read This Before Vaccinating For Anything

08 Feb 2010 - The Anti-Vaccine Movement & Reflections Of The Past

08 Feb 2010 - Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome After A Further Attenuated Live Measles Vaccination

08 Feb 2010 - Paralyzed By The Swine Flu Vaccine Two Friends Tell Their Story

08 Feb 2010 - SPECIAL INVESTIGATION: The Men Who Made A Killing Out Of Swine Flu While We Wasted 1bn And Were Exposed To Harmful Drugs

08 Feb 2010 - Andrew Wakefield, Scientific Censorship, And Fourteen Monkeys; A Statement By Jenny Mccarthy And Jim Carrey

05 Feb 2010 - MMR Doc's Just Guilty Of Caring

05 Feb 2010 - Sunday Times' Discredited - Wakefield's Autism Research Verified [The overall boss for The Sunday Times, James Murdoch, CEO of News International, is also on the Board of MMR vaccine supplier and litigation defendant GlaxoSmithKline. Murdoch's Glaxo job is expressly to oversee:- "external issues that might have the potential for serious impact upon the group's business and reputation": (James Murdoch takes GlaxoSmithKline role - Chris Tryhorn The Guardian Monday 2 February 2009. Some have now dubbed the paper "The Sunday Glaxo".) So get it? Brian Deer, who is only person who filed a complaint with the GMC on Wakefield/Walker-Smith/Murch, works for Times owned by James Murdock who is also on Board of Glaxo, MMR you see why?)]

05 Feb 2010 - Pharmaganda: A Study Of Conflicting Interests: "Hostile Takeover" Of American Medicine

05 Feb 2010 - 17 Canadians Sick From H1N1 Vaccine

05 Feb 2010 - Current Childhood Vaccine Programs: Are They Compromising The Genetics Of Present And Future Generations?

05 Feb 2010 - Innocent Till Proven Guilty: A Case Study In Alleged "Shaken Baby Syndrome" With False Conviction Based On Gross Medical Negligence And Criminal Injustice

05 Feb 2010 - Gardasil Warnings Ignored Says Researcher

05 Feb 2010 - Consultant To The Espa Autism Research Unit [Researcher long suspected a link between the MMR triple vaccine and autism has said he still thinks there is "a possibility"]

05 Feb 2010 - The Lancet Retraction Of Vaccine Autism Paper Condemned As Big Pharma Conspiracy To Discredit Dr. Wakefield

04 Feb 2010 - Doctor Strives To End Her Career

01 Feb 2010 - Attorney Jim Moody Describes False Testimony At GMC Hearing [Has an embedded video on the web page]

01 Feb 2010 - I Will Press On Vows Shamed MMR Doctor [GOOD Because he did nothing wrong and only spoke the truth about how dangerous and deadly these vaccines are!]

01 Feb 2010 - Miscarriage Prompts Halt To Flu Jabs

01 Feb 2010 - H1N1 Vaccine Hoax Fooled Governments Into Spending Billions Of Dollars On Needless Vaccines

30 Jan 2010 - Naked Intimidation: The Wakefield Inquisition Is Only The Tip Of The Autism Censorship Iceberg

30 Jan 2010 - 9 Questions That Stump Every Pro-Vaccine Advocate And Their Claims

29 Jan 2010 - MMR Scare Doctor Denies Wrongdoing [The acquisitions of wrongdoing are being made by the system who wants to discredit anyone and all research that shows that their vaccines are dangerous. There are numerous studies showing they are, and yet they attack and try to discredit every single one of them and the people who do them!] [Has an embedded video on the web page]

29 Jan 2010 - A Statement From Generation Rescue In Support Of Dr. Andrew Wakefield

29 Jan 2010 - Parents Of Children With Autism Call Decision In Wakefield Trial A Threat To Medical Integrity: GMC Findings Uphold Status Quo, Discourage Physicians From Listening To Parents' Concerns

29 Jan 2010 - "That Paper" By Andrew Wakefield

29 Jan 2010 - The Devil's In The Detail By Andrew Wakefield

29 Jan 2010 - Open Letter: Dr Rima To Forbes On "Vaccination Deniers"

29 Jan 2010 - Novartis Chief Warns States Over Cancelled Vaccine Orders [They will say and do anything to sell their product and force it upon everyone!]

28 Jan 2010 - Girl Forced To Get Swine-Flu Shot Despite Objections: Irate Dad: 'My Daughter Said No And They Didn't Bother To Contact Me Or My Wife'

28 Jan 2010 - Why We Need A Fearless Conversation About Vaccines [Has an embedded video on the web page]

28 Jan 2010 - Grieving Mother Blames Gardasil

27 Jan 2010 - Downloadable H1N1 Shot Flyer: Print And Take To H1N1 Clinics

27 Jan 2010 - World Health Organization Plans To Give Haitians Controversial Jabs

27 Jan 2010 - Vaccination Without Doctor Approval In A US Hospital

27 Jan 2010 - School Gives Girl Flu Shot Despite Note From Parents

25 Jan 2010 - World Health Organization Slams Swine Flu Critics As 'Irresponsible' : WHO Says Critics Who Claim Swine Flu Is Fake Pandemic Are 'Irresponsible' [So what happened to freedom of speech and the freedom to criticize something one does not agree with? And how is it irresponsible to speak out against something as questionable as the flu scare they created when there are so many unanswered questions surrounding it?]

21 Jan 2010 - WHO And Big Pharma: Guilty Of Blackmail And Extortion In Swine Flu Fiasco? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

20 Jan 2010 - $10,000 Reward Offered For Scientific Proof Of H1N1 Vaccine Safety And Effectiveness

20 Jan 2010 - School Staff Injected With Insulin Instead Of H1N1 Vaccine

20 Jan 2010 - H1N1 Swine Flu Hoax Falls Apart At The Seams

18 Jan 2010 - UK Fakes Flu Death Numbers

15 Jan 2010 - Letter To The Enquirer Concerning Not Reporting The REAL FACTS Concerning The H1N1 Flu Vaccine

15 Jan 2010 - After This Awful Fiasco Over Swine Flu, We Should Never Believe The State Scare Machine Again

15 Jan 2010 - Swine Flu: Can We Have Our 1 Billion Back Now, Please?

15 Jan 2010 - MMR Mum Makes Legal History

15 Jan 2010 - Neurodevelopmental Risk From Vaccination During Pregnancy: Autism & Schizophrenia

14 Jan 2010 - Swine Flu Taskforce's Links To Vaccine Giant: More Than Half The Experts Fighting The 'Pandemic' Have Ties To Drug Firms

14 Jan 2010 - Did Drug Companies Influence H1N1 Warnings?

14 Jan 2010 - Merk Drug Company Vaccines Admits Injecting Cancer Viruses [Has an embedded video on the web page]

13 Jan 2010 - Sir Liam's Skeleton: The UK Department Of Health Fabricates Flu Deaths To Boost Vaccination ["Annual flu deaths in the UK averaged no more than 33 over the last 4 years despite an earlier statement by the Department of Health that 12,000 people die in the country from flu every year. Recent disclosures by out-going Chief Medical Officer Sir Liam Donaldson demonstrate that such figures are fabricated to boost vaccination uptake. Quizzed in on-line British Medical Journal by deputy editor Tony Delamothe, Sir Liam posted details late on Christmas Eve."]

13 Jan 2010 - The Pig-Flu (H1N1) Pandemic Is A Scam Just Like The Global Warming Hoax

12 Jan 2010 - Swine flu: "They Organized the Panic". Inquiry Into The Role Of Big Pharma And WHO By Council Of Europe

12 Jan 2010 - The Poisoned Needle: Suppressed Facts About Vaccination

12 Jan 2010 - Symptoms Of Vaccine Injury [YouTube video]

12 Jan 2010 - Vaccine Primer Health Professionals Speak Out [YouTube video]

12 Jan 2010 - How Mercury Causes Neurodegeneration (Brain Damage) [Thimerosal (mercury) is used in many vaccines] [YouTube video]

12 Jan 2010 - H1N1 Flu Is A False Pandemic, Health Expert Claims

11 Jan 2010 - 300 Side Effects Posted For Gardasil

11 Jan 2010 - Truckloads Of Unused Swine Flu Vaccines [They should just destroy all of it!]

07 Jan 2010 - WHO Advisor Secretly Pads Pockets With Big Pharma Money

06 Jan 2010 - Just As Predicted: Drug Companies Now Pushing Vaccines For All Kinds Of Health Conditions

05 Jan 2010 - Letter To The Enquirer Concerning Their Misinformation On Pregnancy And The Flu Shot

04 Jan 2010 - Harvard Takes It Back And Says Swine Flu Was Oversold

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