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05 May 2009 - How You Can Help Get Aspartame Out Of Hawaii And Reasons To Do So

26 Mar 2009 - Hawaii Is Leading The US In Getting Aspartame Off The Market

26 Mar 2009 - Hawaii House Concurrent Resolution 128

22 Mar 2009 - 22 Members Of Hawaii House Of Representatives Sign Resolution Asking FDA To Rescind Approval For Neurotoxic Aspartame

17 Mar 2009 - Pennsylvania Psychiatrist And Aspartame Expert Endorses Hawaii And New Mexico Aspartame Legislation

12 Mar 2009 - Letter Concerning The Hawaii Aspartame Bill

12 Mar 2009 - Hawaii Lawmakers Pushing For Aspartame Ban Should Be Commended

26 Feb 2009 - Hawaii State Legislature Kills Bill Banning Aspartame

25 Feb 2009 - National Health Federation: Help Ban Aspartame In Your State: Hawaii & New Mexico Are Leading The Way Act Now

25 Feb 2009 - Aspartame Exposure Triggered Central Nervous System Problems, Depression: Hawaii Should Support Resolution To Ask FDA To Ban Product From The Marketplace

19 Feb 2009 - Hawaii Aspartame Ban Bill Will Die If You Don't Call Hawaii Health Chair Senator David Ige Now!

06 Feb 2009 - Hawaii Is Leading The Way In Battle To Ban Harmful Sweetener - Aspartame

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