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Posted: 18 July 2013

From: Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum.,
To:,,,, David, @, Jaffe Lyle D,,,,,,
Date: Fri, 4:24 pm
Subject: Freedom Of Information: Methanol In Aspartame Which Converts To Formaldehyde, From Methyl Ester

Dear FDA: FOIA Department

The announcement of a maximum allowable Dose limit (MADL) for unnatural methanol consumption in California of 23mg/day, throws into question the safety of the 10% methanol content of aspartame. At 50mg/kg the methanol content of aspartame for a 70kg adult could be as high as 350mg/day.

Aspartame has been in the US food chain for 32 years and its safety has constantly been challenged, however doubts have always remained in spite of FDA and manufacturers assurances

Methanol is a well known metabolic toxin in humans. It is very disturbing to think of the health consequences, if there is any possibility that the US daily methanol consumption from aspartame is higher than it should be. Under the circumstances, I believe it is the FDA's responsibility to reassure the American People by answering the following:-

  1. Please confirm exactly what scientific considerations of methanol toxicity were taken into account, when aspartame was approved for use in our food at 50mg/kg.

  2. Did the FDA establish an ADI for methanol to ensure they knew exactly how toxic it was?

  3. The Methanol industry for over 100 years has warned manufacturers and the public of the dangers associated with methanol ingestion. Did FDA consult any industry safety material, if so what information did you receive which confirmed the safety levels in aspartame?

  4. Has FDA over the last 32 years, monitored the many instances we have each year of methanol poisoning through adulterated drinking alcohol, (Ethanol) and are you aware of the accepted two main poisoning levels observed consuming one tablespoon (10ml) of methanol will render you blind and three tablespoons (30ml) could be fatal.

  5. If FDA considers the Californian MADL too low please supply a full scientific reasoning why. In order to remove any worries the American Public may have, these questions need to be answered in full and as quickly as possible, in view of the longevity of aspartame in our food chain this should not be a problem.

Please answer every question void of the usual propaganda, "there is more methanol in oranges": as you are well aware the methanol in nature is accompanied by ethanol, which is the classic antidote to methanol toxicity. Also it binds to pectin and takes it safely out of your body. There is no ethanol in aspartame. ("Aspartame: Methanol and the Public Health" by Dr. Woodrow Monte, peer reviewed).

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