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Posted: 07 March 2012

From: Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum., Bettym19@mindspring.com
To: Commissioner-fda.gov, mitchell.cheeseman-fda.hhs.gov, laura.tarantino-fda.hhs.gov, ljaffe@oc.fda.gov, mherndon@oc.fda.gov, michael.herndon@fda.hhs.gov, david.acheson-fda.hhs.gov, felicia.Ellison-FDA.hhs.gov
Cc: askdoj-usdoj.gov
Date: Wed, Mar 07, 2012 10:13 am
Subject: FDA: You Don't Keep Your Own Laws

With regard to FDA comments about interstate commerce why don't you ban aspartame. After all, it's adulterated so it's on the market against the law. Also, as far as interstate commerce its against the law to ship an adulterated product for sale. Your own FDA toxicologist and scientist, Dr. Adrian Gross, testified against FDA in Congress when he said FDA violated the Delaney Amendment because aspartame causes cancer. Will anyone ever forget his immortal words, "If the FDA violates its own laws who is left to protect the public?" It's bad enough we don't have a protector which is the reason for Mission Possible Intl, but we have to contend with FDA prosecuting the supplement industry. Sending the Forestry to destroy an herbalist's herbs is vile. He did apologize to the herbalist and said, "FDA made us do it. They said they simply couldn't have cancer cured."

Why don't you care to keep the law and protect the people instead of just Big Pharma? FDA is an abomination to the world. You show you can't answer the Citizens Petition for ban because you know its a poison, so you just ignore the petition as you have for ten years even though the law says you have to answer it in 180 days. The amendment for an imminent health hazard has to be answered in ten days and that was sent to you certified mail in 2007 and ignored because you can't answer it and know its a deadly chemical poison. Your letter that you have more important things to do is a disgrace. If you don't have time to protect the American people and have ignored the petition for ten years then you need to close your doors. Don't worry you won't be without a job, you can just hire on to Big Pharma as you are obviously only an extension of them and used to protect them and attack the supplement industry and anything safe and natural, and especially those things that cure cancer.

The world knows you for what you are. I have always wondered why the Justice Department does nothing about you and allows you to poison the world. Oh yes, as FDA's man told me by phone, "we have to depopulate"! Hiding and sealing the studies that showed aspartame causes birth defects, a deal FDA made with G. D. Searle has caused an global epidemic of autism. FDA's refusal to put a warning on this poison at least to save the babies is something that is despicable. I can only think of the scripture in Jeremiah that the wicked will sleep a perpetual sleep and never awaken. Those who did this will pay in the end. We now have enough of these original studies to show the world just how corrupt the FDA really is.

Why isn't my FOIA answered? Is it because one of the questions is: "Stuart Pape of the National Yogurt Association petitioned the FDA to allow aspartame in milk and dairy products without labeling. Did you allow this?" Jerome Bressler told me, "FDA can't do this, it's against the law." However, FDA operates above the law so the question remains.

Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum.
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