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Posted: 04 January 2011

Below you will see that the EPA has listed aspartame as a possible dangerous chemical to children's brains. If there is anyone who should know it's the EPA. Over two years ago my husband and I met a pathologist, Reginall Bundrage, who worked for the EPA in the early 90's. He kept telling us that he knew more than I did about aspartame. I was particularly interested because I've been educating people now almost 20 years, No matter what I brought up he knew about it, and especially remarked on the formaldehyde issue. He said he kept complaining about this being on the market and killing so many people. He was told the FDA would eventually have to recall it and said, "Look, its now over 15 years later and its still on the market."

In 1995 I lectured for the World Environmental Conference which was sponsored by grant by the EPA. It was Dr. Clarice Gaylord of the EPA who gave the keynote address. She said, "We have an epidemic of MS and lupus and cannot identify the toxin." I said, "I'm Betty Martini with Mission Possible Intl and I'm here to lecture on MS and lupus and identify the toxin as Nutrasweet/aspartame." When Nancy Markle put her name on a post I had written about it, it made world news in 1999. www.dorway.com/nomarkle.html The reason it made so much news is it kept being sent to massive lists because so many people suffered from the problems in the post. When it was realized I was the author my phone rang around the clock even from countries whose language I didn't speak, for years. In fact, I still get calls about it. Dr. Gaylord said she was specifically told not to talk to reporters, that EPA would give them my name. Instead it was called an email hoax, naturally because of the aspartame industry and their front groups and the professional organizations who receive funding from them. My conversations by email with Dr. Gaylord are on the URL above with her permission.

The EPA is right about aspartame affecting the brains of children. Here are several aspartame experts discussing the subject in this post: http://www.mpwhi.com/aspartame_causes_birth_defects.htm

The EPA has known for years what a deadly chemical poison aspartame is. Will EPA allow industry influence to remove aspartame from this list? It is hoped they will stand firm and put children and babies first and finally say, "Enough is enough". Dr. James Bowen told FDA two decades ago that aspartame is mass poisoning of the American public and more than 70+ countries of the world. http://www.gene.ch/gentech/1997/8.96-5.97/msg00015.html Dr. Bowen told me a mole in FDA did give him copies of many studies that were destroyed. They may have included the two studies removed from the Bressler Report which were teratology studies. Jerome Bressler asked that we find them, and they were finally returned to him, and added back to the Bressler Report: http://www.rense.com/general88/hid.htm

The information is so well known today on aspartame (NutraSweet/Equal/Spoonful/Canderel,Benevia, E951, etc.,) that Ajinomoto has changed the name to AminoSweet. Don't be misled, avoid it like the plague it is.

Here is the EPA report: Risky Business: EPA Builds List Of Potentially Dangerous Chemicals [Which includes aspartame] [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum.
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E-Mail: BettyM19@mindspring.com

Aspartame Toxicity Center: http://www.holisticmed.com/aspartame

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