27 Mar 2018 - Health Canada's Step Backwards From Consumer Protection To Corporate Propaganda [Perhaps you remember when the FDA allowed 17 dairy products without labeling aspartame which is entirely against the law. Health Canada wants the removal of the name aspartame where it stands out to alert consumers, and if they get away with it the US and other countries will follow suit. Please not only read the entire article but please put it on your lists and forward it as far as you can to friends, relatives, associates, editors, journalists, and to relevant Facebook groups, and especially to friends in other nations. Much of the identification and background of those who are so disastrously advising Health Canada on this issue is not something the aspartame industry wants the general public to know. So, please, let's make this one go viral the world over. This may be our last chance to make a difference, given the possible coming merger of Bayer and Monsanto. – Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum.]

26 Mar 2018 - Health Canada Responds, "No Need To Clearly Label Sweeteners"

13 Mar 2018 - The Aspartame Calamity In Canada

13 Dec 2017 - Canadian Vending Machines Without Aspartame Or Sucralose

23 Dec 2013 - Ontario’s Grand River Loaded With Artificial Sweeteners, Study Finds

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